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Master the art & science of making smarter product bets

Product coaching for rapidly growing tech teams

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We teach your product team to uncover new growth opportunities using practices cultivated by highly successful tech companies.

Who we love working with

B2B, B2C, SaaS & Hardware


Early-stage teams seeking an accelerated path to product-market fit with minimal battle scars.


Product discovery is a critical skill to successfully scale. We specialize in standing up product & research practices from the ground up.


High-growth companies with multiple product teams seeking new ways to strengthen their market position.


Consistently adopting proven product management practices across your org is a must to deliver continuous value to customers and your business.

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Ways we can work together

Product Discovery Coaching for Teams

Through our immersive coaching approach, product teams build the necessary key habits to run quick, effective discovery cycles.


We guide your team step-by-step to implement a repeatable discovery framework, automate research recruitment, conduct customer interviews, proactively evaluate risks and iteratively test assumptions.

for Individuals

We help you build a strong product culture through 1:1 coaching for your Product Managers, Product Designers & UX Researchers. We identify key challenges impacting your team member's performance, devise strategies to overcome them and achieve your desired outcomes.

We co-create a growth roadmap to build stronger craft, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Workshops & Sprints

We offer custom workshops and product vision sprints (on site or remote). Your team will benefit from a safe space with low stakes to collaboratively practice new skills with the guidance of an expert in the field. 

  • Product Vision

  • Product-Market Fit

  • Continuous Discovery

  • Outcome-based Roadmaps

Your navigator to product-market fit

"Martha brings diverse perspectives to the table, enabling her to provide inspiring, experience-based coaching in product management."
Fatima Zaidi
Founder & CEO, Quill Inc.
"Martha’s expertise and methodology is exactly what was required to help us navigate this complex product discovery phase."
Peter Carrescia
Co-Founder, Qui Identity Inc.

Martha has been the perfect partner to grow our product practice.

She's introduced frameworks and approaches that we've applied to our day-to-day that have improved our product discovery process and research. She has given me confidence that we have the right coaching in place to take my team to the next level.

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Matt McFadyen

CTO, Willful


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We are not holier-than-thou consultants or a rigid one-size-fits all training company as our name suggests. Nope.


We create a lasting impact on product teams through a warm, approachable and flexible style of coaching. We believe meaningful results and transformative career growth can be achieved while having fun along the way.

Founder & Principal

Martha is a full-time product coach, startup advisor and angel investor based in Toronto, Canada. She has 15+ years of experience in technology and digital marketing spanning diverse industries (automotive, healthcare, financial services, education, hospitality, retail, CPG). 

She has helped build brand, product and service experiences for software startups, smart device companies and Fortune 500 enterprises.​

She's passionate about using her background in product management, design, research and marketing to mentor and upskill product teams so they can build profitable products their customers deeply love.

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